About Us

Business Philosophy

Elevation was started in 2006 with the aim of providing superior customer service in an industry that has seen that focus decline.  Institutional clients now face a fragmented environment with a disparate array of options, algorithms, and execution styles to choose from.  Although these new technologies can enhance liquidity and help facilitate execution, they do not necessarily translate into effective execution or customer service.

As a firm, we strive to be lean and nimble, enabling us to be responsive only to legitimate information in a constantly changing and noisy market.  Elevation’s operating philosophy can be summarized as follows: The firm is committed to hiring highly ethical, experienced, entrepreneurial professionals with established customer relationships.

The firm has developed relationships and committed the necessary resources to ensure efficient clearing of trades, the acquisition and implementation of robust technology, and the development and implementation of internal processes, procedures and controls necessary for compliance with all securities statutes and regulations.

Business Culture

Elevation brings an entrepreneurial approach to what we do.  The firm is structured to encourage each professional to maximize his/her potential and to build their respective businesses in an environment that emphasizes entrepreneurship, communication, transparency, creativity, trust and respect.

Elevation’s team of professionals is dedicated to servicing the firm’s clients, building relationships, and contributing to the firm’s success.