Event-Driven/Special Situations Team

Elevation’s Event-Driven and Special Situations team focuses on the dissemination of timely, accurate assessments of M&A transactions throughout the life cycle of each deal, as well as producing deep but actionable analysis of the most opportunistic areas across the event driven landscape.  Our around-the-clock global event coverage desk closely monitors spread movement, evaluates breaking news, and scrutinizes data throughout the public domain in order to construct information arbitrage opportunities for our clients.  We combine our experienced internal analytical team with industry and transaction experts to create a mosaic of the highest quality analysis and commentary.  The collective goal at Elevation is to enhance the client’s portfolio by producing significant, measurable value while acting as a direct extension of the client’s own investment team.

The Elevation Event-Driven and Special Situations team is headed by Elevation managing partner Christopher Matthaei. Senior research analysts are Betty Chan, Ian Harris, John Maysles and Leon Gross. Senior sales traders are Brent Gist, Ilan Adika, Kelsey Peterson and Michael Davis. Global execution trading is led by Christopher Fargnoli, Craig Snyder, Jon Kornblatt, Kenny Mayerhofer, Victor Mankovsky and Stephen Pashuck.

Our trading desk operates 24 hour/day and can execute trades in most instruments/markets, with a unique focus on cross-border deal activity.

Our Research Approach:

  • Buy side investing  approach with a focus on potential risk analysis
  • Multi-faceted research to provide a complete mosaic of a given situation
    • Raw data market analysis
    • Security valuation
    • Credit worthiness
    • Industry analysis
    • Regulatory & policy overlay
  • Conclusions are vetted with regulatory counsel and industry contacts
  • Final Analysis is published in comprehensive reports
  • Ongoing news tracking monitored with our updated website software
  • Access to Elevation’s robust network of DC and industry contacts
  • Bespoke research for Tier 1 clients

Our Trading Approach:

  • Team approach
  • 24 hour integrated trading desk
  • International execution on swap and local settlement
  • Agency only capacity allowing us to act in the best interest of our clients
  • Conflict free execution environment
  • Monitor our clients’ universe lists, 13F filings and sectors for news, price action, noteworthy market technicals and order flow
  • Outsourced trading capabilities: we can operate like an in-house, global trade desk for our clients
  • CSA platform
  • Global Equities and Equity Derivatives


Chris Matthaei: 732.219.6890