Elevation Marketing Advisory

What We Do:

Elevation Marketing Advisory (EMA) offers consulting and sales services for alternative and traditional funds seeking to improve their marketing and increase assets from institutional investors. EMA raises capital and provides a full package of outsourced marketing capabilities including development of story and collateral, database creation, marketing process, strategy, and investor relations.

We Strive To:

  • Demonstrate our decades of experience in marketing, investor relations, and client service.
  • Significantly grow and augment the capabilities of the client’s investment managers.
  • Alchemize in-house and outsourced marketing efforts into a distinguished narrative for a wider network of elite investors.
  • Tailor our approach to the particular needs of the client.
  • Be a trusted tool for in-house marketing and investor relations teams.
  • Offer small and mid-sized asset managers our client service expertise.
  • Provide an individualized, custom solution that exceeds the client’s expectations.

What We Deliver:

  • Access to a high-quality, highly informed investor base.
  • Specific proposals for raising and retaining capital.
  • Balanced strategies for best uses of time and resources.
  • Strategic framework for future fundraising endeavors.
  • Creative solutions informed by a history of industry know-how.

Elevation Marketing Advisory Team

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