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As we’ve emphasized, our team is composed of experienced professionals and determined go-getters. These services are our bread and butter: we execute with precision, we consistently exceed expectations, and we always keep the client front of mind.

Elevation Event-Driven & Special Situations

This team evaluates corporate M&A, SPACs, and potential restructurings.

  • Assessment of pending mergers and acquisitions of publicly traded companies.
  • Analysis of SPACs and potential special situation opportunities.
  • Maximized extension of the client’s existing trading desks.
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Elevation Private Markets

This team facilitates liquidity between late-stage private company shareholders and third-party buyers.

  • Bridging employees and early investors with third-parties for pre-IPO sales.
  • Vigorous compliance, professionalism, and discretion.
  • Turnkey transaction processing.
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Elevation Derivative Services

This team focuses on derivative solutions for both volatility focused and non-volatility focused clients.

  • Efficient derivative strategies based on custom analysis.
  • Highly experienced team members with deep networks.
  • Risk management designed to fit the client’s specific needs.
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Elevation Centralized Trading

This team focuses on elite execution services for a wide range of customer types in developed, emerging, and frontier markets.

  • Around-the-clock bespoke portfolio monitoring and trade execution.
  • Pre and post-market insight into trends, markets, and news cycles.
  • Expertise in worldwide markets, including emerging and frontier exchanges.
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Variant Perception

This service provides market analysis for institutional investors and family offices.

  • An exclusive partnership with a leading provider of actionable investment tools, data and research.
  • Real-time analysis of reliable data.
  • Access to a global team of analysts.
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Client Engagement Group

As Elevation's engine, the Client Engagement Group assures that we provide our customers with preeminent service.

  • An improved client experience through consistent monitoring and feedback assessment.
  • A vital client toolkit and a culture of robust compliance.
  • Support from a team of accomplished professionals with diverse financial and operation backgrounds.
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