Variant Perception

What We Do:

Elevation is the exclusive trading partner for Variant Perception, a researcher that delivers premium investment analysis through our own set of specialized tools.

With an eclectic clientele of institutional, individual, and family offices, Variant Perception prioritizes systematic approaches that uncover discrepancies between leading data and market pricing.

As its only execution partner, Elevation bridges Variant Perception’s analysts with prospective clients and equips current clients with trade structuring based on its research.

We Strive To:

  • Find the global turning points and asymmetric trades that other analysts overlook or underappreciate.
  • Efficiently utilize Variant Perception’s robust framework to equip our clients with profitable trade outcomes.
  • Apply unrevised or minimally revised data to real-time, forward-looking strategies.
  • Continue to extrapolate from data that has proven to be reliable over multiple cycles as opposed to identifying trends from lagging or coincidental data.

What We Deliver:

  • Trade structuring and execution in exchange for research costs.
  • Monthly overviews of global markets that are precise and to the point.
  • Simplified analysis that demystifies macro drivers.
  • On-demand thematic market trends, as they emerge, not after they’ve emerged.
  • Weekly tactical updates and portfolio positioning strategies.
  • Leading indicator monitoring via our dashboard of sector-specific forecasts, focused on both economic and liquidity sides.

Variant Perception Team

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